Now that you know the 3 steps to better Barre Chords, I want to tell you about an upcoming training that I’m hosting called Barre Chords Bootcamp, which will focus on all the issues I mentioned in the email:

  • building the perfect Barre Chord (even if you still can’t play one)
  • naming Barre Chords (so you can recognize them from lyric sheets online and when your friends called them out)
  • switching between Barre Chords
  • playing Barre Chords without pain or fatigue
  • and knowing how to use Barre Chords to build your song playlist and really sound like you know what you’re doing on the guitar.

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It’s going to be so much fun!


How It Works

Barre Chords Bootcamp will be spread across THREE 60 minute Online Trainings that will air once a week – giving you plenty of time to master each step and be confident about mastering the next…

And the best part about it is that it’s LIVE!

So that means that there will be a chance for you to interact with me and the other guitarists attending the training.

I’ve included an ADDITIONAL 30 minutes for LIVE Q&A.


So you can get all your pressing questions answered LIVE as you learn about:

  • The 6 Barre Chords that make up “The Neighbourhood” and EXACTLY how to build & understand each one inside and out
  • “The “Minimum Pressure” Approach to playing Barre Chords without pain and the “Pumping Principle” so you can actually STRENGTHEN your hands while you play!
  • The “LSP” and “Super Mario” Methods for easily moving from Barre Chord to Barre Chord, so you can get to the next chord in time with whatever songs you’re playing.
  • and MUCH MORE!


Pretty cool huh?

Pretty wacky approach to guitar playing if I do say so myself. 😛


HOWEVER, we need your help.

Before we finalize everything and go LIVE, I want to make sure that we covered everything and don’t leave ANYTHING out, so…

That’s where you come in!

Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is really only ONE THING we want to ask you…

What are your Top 2 Questions about Barre Chords that we absolutely NEED to answer in Barre Chords Bootcamp?

Thanks so much for your reply and I look forward to seeing you there!