This Might Shock You… You DON'T Have To Practice 30-60 A Day To Get Great Results On Your Guitar!

Nobody does.

If you have the time then great, but let's face it, time is tight and a 30-60 minute practice habit is hard to maintain...

…at least at first.

So instead of putting off practice because you think it has to always be a marathon, think again and start small, but BE THOROUGH.

Remember, there IS such thing as over-practicing and I still believe that 2 minutes of focused practice is MUCH better than 2 hours of messing around.

I'll show you how build a rock-solid practice routine from the ground up and how to actually go about how to master your guitar technique using simple strategies and easy to follow formulas.

And what techniques will you be practicing exactly? We cover all that and more in our Guitar Technique series.

But first you need strategy… and you need to be able to measure your progress so you don't waste ANY time.

So let's build you a practice routine that fits YOUR schedule.

Don’t worry… I've got you covered…

Introducing: Rockstar Mind’s Improve Your Practicing Series